warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breederswarmblood studbook uk stallion horse breeders


             STALLION / MARE GRADING 2017

  •                                                       Sunday 1st October.  Home Farm : Theddingworth

                                                             Leicestershire.  Entry Forms now available.


warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breeders                    PLEASE SEE FACEBOOK PAGE FOR STALLION                                                   GRADING ENTRIES AND TIMES.

                                                 SATURDAY 10th SEPTEMBER 4pm to 6pm

                                    SUNDAY 11th SEPTEMBER 9am to 2-30pm


                       STALLION / MARE GRADING 2016

                     Saturday / Sunday 10th and 11th September.

                             Home Farm : Hothorpe : Theddingworth

                                         Leicestershire  LE17 6QX


We have some exciting new stallions:

both ponies and horses to add to our list of approved stallions for 2016.

warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breeders



A small but select group of stallions were presented before Hans Heinrich Bruning and
Katy Holder-Vale at Onley Grounds, Rugby, on Sunday 18th October.

6 stallions came forward to be assessed and of these 5 were licenced.
Champion stallion was Silver Lining ZB who is a son Supertramp.
Bred by Lynne Crowden and now owned by Lynne and Carsen Sandrock, this impressive stallion immediately caught the eye, the judges really liked his modern type, presence and masculinity with good movement.
Reserve Champion was Kracka. Imported and produced by Denise Mitchell, he is now owned by Margaret Stuart . The judges thought all his gaits were really impressive, scoring a 9 for his trot, he is also very supple through the body. Although a little small at the moment this did not detract from his overall impression.

Other stallions approved were

St. Louis Blues.  A slightly heavier type but very harmonious with 3 good gaits.
Diamond Cut.  A very athletic, supple horse with great dressage potential.
Balthazar. A son of the champion graded stallion Boston, a nice modern type with very good walk.


Supertramp / Distelzar / Pascal
Owner:  L. Crowden & C Sandrock. Breeder: L. Crowden.
KRACKA   (Old)
Kardinal / Diamond Hit / Rubinstein.
Owner: Margaret Stuart. Bred in Germany
Sezuan / Lauries Crusador / Don Juan
Owner:  L. Crowden.   Bred in Germany
Diamond Hit / Wolkenstein II / Eldorado
Owner:  Elizabeth Donald.   Bred in Germany
Boston / Wendekreis / Bolero
Owner Craig MacDonald.   Bred in Germany.


Entries now being taken for Warm-Blood and Pony Stallion Grading, also Mare Grading. Entry forms available under relevant heading.
Closing date for stallions is 5th October and mares 10th October,  please forward your entries ASAP .

warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breedersA UNIQUE WEEKEND FOR HORSE BREEDERS
at Hartpury College 7-9th August 2015

warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breeders

The Warm-Blood Breeders Stud-Book will be involved in a long weekend of competition at Hartpury College from 7th to 9th August 2015. Firstly having a senior team competing at the WBFSH Young Breeders World Championships to be held Friday and Saturday, with the British Breeders Network Showcase on Sunday 9th August where we will be holding a Mare Grading alongside the show. Times to be confirmed .

Click here for Entry forms for the Mare Grading or
they can be posted out by calling the Head Office on 01208 832940.

Classes and information below.

The International Young Breeders Championships will for the first time ever be taking place in the UK this summer. Hosted by the British Young Breeders organisation this event, that brings together young horse breeders from stud books around the world, will be taking place at Hartpury College in Gloucestershire over the first weekend in August (August 7-8).

The IYB championships are affiliated to the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses (WBFSH). Teams of four in senior (20-25yrs) and junior (16-19yrs) categories will compete against each other in various disciplines that are related to the breeding of horses. These include assessing conformation, loose jumping and movement, presenting a horse on the triangle to best show its paces and conformation, as well as taking a short theory test. Prizes will be awarded to the stud book that presents the best teams as well as to successful individuals. At the last championships, which were held in Sweden in 2013, the young breeders representing the Holsteiner Verband studbook won the overall team championship. This year four British Stud Books – the Anglo European Studbook, the British Hanoverian Horse Society, Warmblood breeders UK and Sport Horse Breeding (GB) – will each, be putting forward a team for the two-day event. Against them will be teams representing 18 other WBFSH member studbooks including the Hannoverian Verband, the Holsteiner Verband and Dansk Varmblod..

On the Sunday after the championships participants, who will have travelled from Canada as well as Germany, France, Denmark, Austria, Slovenia and Sweden have the opportunity to visit the Festival of British Eventing at Gatcombe Park or stay at Hartpury to spectate at the British Breeders Network (BBN) Showcase – a special event for foals, youngstock and mares aimed at British breeders and producers of sport horses. All in all the weekend promises a unique three days of competition especially for those interested in the breeding of sport horses.

“The International Young Breeders Championships will be a new concept to many in the UK,” said British Young Breeders Chair Celia Clarke. “We therefore hope that people will take the opportunity to not only come to Hartpury to support us but because we want as many as possible to come and see what it is all about. Hopefully the atmosphere and camaraderie will motivate young people who are interested in breeding to join up and help build the young breeder’s movement in Britain – as they are the future of sport horse breeding in the UK.”

For more information contact: Celia Clarke Tel: 01280 812281 / 07721 343077 E-mail: celia@cwath.demon.co.u

The IYB movement was initiated in Europe in 2001

Since 2009 only teams from stud books that are affiliated to the WBFSH may take part

The BBN Showcase Event on Sunday August 9th is being organised by the British Breeders Network. For more information on the BBN Showcase contact: Eva Broomer. Tel: 01948 880639. Email: eva-maria.broomer@manchester.ac.uk

British Breeding Network - Fri 19 Dec 2014

Press Release


Breeders of sport horses and ponies across Great Britain came together for an inaugural meeting in October 2014 to explore the possibilities for collaboration to move the breeding industry forward. Over fifty breeders and studbook representatives met at Moulton College to exchange opinions on the most productive and inclusive way to help the British breeding industry flourish.

warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breedersAn illustrative introduction by meeting chair Woodlander Stud’s Lynne Crowden served to set the scene, establish the meeting’s code of conduct, and dispel some the myths around the buoyancy of the breeding industry on the continent and the prices which are realistically being obtained for foals. With a healthy dose of realism and bold examples, Lynne painted a clear picture, leaving no doubt that if breeders wish to get a healthy return on their breeding investment, they need to offer a commitment to thoroughly research, invest in and be realistic in their expectations of their breeding programmes. That said, British breeding has a lot to celebrate and, armed with the facts, delegates were dispatched to break out rooms to debate a number of scenarios.

Following this series of active discussion sessions, generous feedback was collated on a series of topics, the bulk of the discussions revolving around industry features and challenges (and how to overcome them) and marketing. Considering the diversity of perspectives of those who took the trouble to attend (and dial in), the convergence of views on many subjects was very encouraging. This meant that there was a good deal or pre existing agreement on the priorities.

Under Lynne Crowden’s cohesive chairmanship, the inclusive and self governing British Breeders’ Network (BBN) was formed. The concept of a central discussion group, to be facilitated on an interim basis by Buckingham vet Jane Nixon and linking to a network of enthusiastic regional caretakers was actively supported by the meeting.

The next steps have been to coordinate a series of agreed and prioritised actions and form groups of people with expertise in specific areas (such as communications, marketing and legal) so that the agreed actions can be moved ahead. The actions were: create the regional network with a central hub, create a group identity and communications mechanism, create a horse brand identity encapsulating the quality of the horses bred and produced in this country and choose a look and feel for that brand. The horse brand is to be supported by a programme of sales and marketing activity once market information has given more precise direction as to what the target audiences want.

Moving ahead, the network will focus on building (or drawing together) a structure for a sustainable breeding, assessment, production, competition and sales environment. The network will take the first steps towards raising industry standards, growing international brand awareness and continuing to progress the breeding of top quality British bred horses which are desirable for riders and trainers in every discipline.

The first regional meetings have already taken place and the next national meeting is scheduled for Saturday 3 January 2015 in conjunction with the British Bred Sport Horse (BBSH) Stallion Event at Hartpury College. For more information about how you can get involved please email gbbreeding@outlook.com or visit www.britishbreedingnetwk.boards.net/

warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breeders

Stallion Grading Results - Tue 14 Oct 2014

Full details of all stallions graded in 2014

Stallion Grading 2014 Results

Our judges this year, Hans Heinrich Bruening and Katy Holder-Vale were presented with stallions of great quality in movement and type and as a result, we are delighted to announce that the majority of the presented stallions have been graded.

The Champion Stallion for 2014 is Heaven (Hotline x Londonderry x Benz) a 2 year old bred by Lynne Crowden and owned by Sara Lucas. Heaven, out of St Pr Limoncello was described by the judges as elegant, refining, of modern type with 3 good paces and was granted premium status.

The Reserve Champion, bred by Syzanne Lavandra was her DiMaggio 3 year old Keystone Delino. Out of a mare that Suzanne also bred by Walentino, the judges were particularly impressed by his powerful movement and athletic paces and he also was granted premium status.

Summertime Blues, another 2 year old bred and owned by Lynne Crowden and previously licensed into the Hanoverian Stud Book showed some tension in his performance on the day but was nevertheless able to demonstrate all the qualities necessary for him to be approved for our Studbook.

The third stallion presented by Woodlander Stud was Freddie M - a 3 year old bred by Lynne and G Eilberg, and owned by Bruce Matthews and Lynne Crowden. By For Compliment out of Dornroschen (DiMaggio x Caprimond) a half brother to Farouche, this well muscled stallion was described as having lots of power and strength and a horse that makes a big impression.

The second stallion presented by Suzanne Lavandra, Keystone Fllamenco, a 3 year old bred in Germany by Furstenball out of a Weltmeyer / Royal Dance Mother has also been graded. The judges described him as a very elegant, impressive, handsome stallion with 3 good paces.

Johanne Dykes presented her own Brennus B, an 8 year old Kwpn stallion bred in Holland and already licensed with the AES. By Diamond Hit out of a Rubinstein / Vincent mare he is currently competing at PSG and was described by the judges as charming, well produced and having a good attitude to his work.

The final stallion presented was Romanno Rafiel, a 7 year old owned by Brian Hurst and bred by Jennifer Gilchrist at the Romanno Stud. By Rubin Star N out of a St Pr De Niro / Manstein mare this big, impressive stallion coped well and also showed a good attitude towards his work.

We thank our judges very much for their time and pass on our huge congratulations to all breeders, owners and producers of the above stallions.

warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breeders

Stallion Grading 2014 - Thu 09 Oct 2014

Approximate times are below. Please note that it is the responsibility of stallion owners to check the running order and be on time for their presentation.





































































warmblood studbook uk stallion horse breeders

Mare Grading Results - Tue 02 Sep 2014 - WBS-UK MARE GRADING 2014 RESULTS

Full details of Mare Grading and Performance Test at Hartpury 23 August 2014

Group 1: TB Mares any age Eligible Main Stud Book

65   KANNI (TB) 9 yrs Bay    MAIN STUD BOOK - 6
Owner  Lisa & Chris Jackson  Breeder J Lordan

Group II: Mares 3 yrs Eligible for Main or Select Stud Book

66   SANTA BARBARA (Bwb) 3 yrs Brown   MAIN STUD BOOK - 7.5 (2nd in group)
Owner & Breeder  Amanda Leaker

67   WOODCROFT DAISY DUKE (Hann) 3 yrs Black MAIN STUD BOOK - 7.5 (1st in group)
Owner Woodcroft Stud  Breeder Dr E Dictich Puvious

Group III: Mares 4 - 6 yrs Eligible for Main of Select Stud Book

68   MEACHAM REALITY (Bwb)  5 yrs Bay   MAIN STUD BOOK - 7.0 (2nd in group)
Owner Laura Wall  Breeder Meacham Stud

69   NBE MIMI M (Aes)  4 yrs Bay  MAIN STUD BOOK - 7.0 (1st in group)
Owner Steve Macatonia  Breeder D Harrison

Group IV: Mares 7 - 10 yrs Eligible for Main or Select Stud Book

70   ANKY (Kwpn)  9 yrs Bay &nbs